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Rennes School of Business, France

College D Paris -France

Cesar Ritz, Switzerland

Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland

IHTTI School of Hotel Management, Switzerland

Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland

B.H.M.S (Business & Hotel Management School), Switzerland

HTMI (Hotel & Tourisum Manegement Institute), Switzerland

Linguistic University,Poland

Vistula University ,Poland

WUTH Management ,Poland

University of Business in Wroclaw,Poland

Eu  Business University ,Poland

Latvia University of Agriculture ,Latvia

Riga Business School-Latvia

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic

University of Klapedia ,Lithuania

TSI U,Latvia

Debrecen University ,Hungary

Insa Business Marketing and Communication school ,Spain

University of Applied Science in Merseburg,Germany

Vitruvius University of Applied Science, Germany

University of Applied Science Schmalkaden,Germany

University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg,Germany

University of Applied Sciences in Nordhausen,Germany


IUBH University of Applied Sciences,Germany

GISMA Business School,Germany

EAE Business School,Spain

Wekerle Business School,Hungary


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Education in CANADA

A great stress is given to education in Canada. Canadians have developed a primary rate education system with high standards. extra money is invested with on education in Canada compared to the OECD average. It ranks the second highest among G-8 countries in terms of investment in education.


Canadian faculties square measure one in all the simplest within the world and Canadian teenagers systematically rank among the simplest within the world on international tests in reading, science and arithmetic like Sabbatum. A Canadian degree, credentials or certificate adds price to a person’s profile and is recognized in business, government and tutorial circles across the world.


Canada has been Ranked as one of the highest 10 places to measure within the world since 1994 consistent with the UN (UN) and therefore the social scientist Intelligence Unit. within the international organization survey Canada scored significantly high marks for its access to education, high anticipation (due to its universal health care system); and low crime and violence rates. additionally, Canada’s largest cities — Vancouver, provincial capital and city — are recognized as world category cities during which to measure and work, for his or her cleanliness and safety and for his or her cultural activities and engaging lifestyles..


Canadians relish a customary of living among the best within the world. nearly seventy per cent of Canadians own their own homes, with a better share owning consumer durables, like cars, refrigerators, laundry machines, television, telephones and radios. Canada additionally has an intensive health care system and Social Security network.


Canada has access to media, diversion and art forms. Canada’s extremely refined broadcasting system includes over one,900 AM and FM radio stations and a few 1387 tv stations to serve, entertain and educate the listening and TV audience. a large vary of cultural activities is additionally obtainable, together with museums, galleries, live theatre, dance and music performances and concerts.